Piercing The Devil’s Head!

In this prophetic message you will hear:

1.) How Increase, Enlargement & Greatness is your portion in 2016

2.) That Your Will  See Your Enemy’s Head Pierced in 2016

3.) How To Experience Final Victory!

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  • Louis koen

    Good word , I will pray over this word and ask God to reveil to me if it is lining up with his word.

  • JOhan Venter

    News letter, prophetic comments.

  • sharon

    i am so blessed by this message Pastor.

  • Petro due Plessis

    Wow, this word was definitely meant for me! Thank you, God bless!

  • Mike Fisher

    wonderful wonderful my brother just you keep going ! Wonderful. What a revelation of who our God really is! Fear of The Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

  • Elna Matthews

    Wonderful anointed man of God. I am so proud of you and Este for coming so far. I stayed with her parents in Ballito and remember her as a schoolgirl. Stay blessed both of you, would love to see you when you come to Cape Town again but I live in Tableview area. Lots of love to you both.

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