leonpic“Living a lifestyle of darkness and bondage, enslaved in substance abuse I heard a message of hope and power that completely transformed and changed my life. I received a second chance. Second Chance is the perfect platform for many such testimonies to be shared to the local schools”

leonpic“As a young man, caught up in drug abuse, I eventually came to a place where I thought it was the end… Everything in my life changed when I had an encounter with God. I received hope, life and a second chance”

leonpic“Living through high school with peer pressure, alcohol abuse and rejection I tried to find hope in many worldly ‘things’. When I found Christ and experienced His power everything changed! I am a new person “

leonpic“Going through life as a thug, managing night clubs, drug abuse and trafficking, my life was destined to end in disaster. Through this dark time, even in prison for 5 years, I encountered God’s transforming power”



One of the leading causes of teenage delinquencies is the absence of fathers at home and in the family structure. Mothers nurture and share love, where fathers specifically established identity and security in a child.

Through Second Chance we endeavour to bring young people to a place where they can receive that security and identity through life-changing and inspired testimonies. Second Chance is an initiative launched specifically to reach out to the local schools and universities of South Africa and abroad. This will be done through the sharing of testimonies and stories of hope. These testimonies will be shared through inspired speakers who has gone through certain challenging experiences in life and overcame them.

Donate Towards This Project

You might not be able to physically go out and reach young people, but your financial donation and partnership can make the world of a difference as your generosity will send those who are able to go with their message of hope and freedom.

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BANK NAME: First National Bank
ACCOUNT #: 62339814932
BRANCH NAME: Umhlanga Crescent
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