The Key To The Power of God

A question I have been asked over and over is “Leon, how can I get the power of God to flow through my life?”

Let me start here: Sacrifice

Sacrifice is a word that has almost become a swear word in our generation and times. But if we look closely we see that “sacrfice” is the central theme of the Bible.

God sacrificed His own Son for us to be saved!

Sacrifice simply means giving up something.

We love to preach on prosperity, miracles and blessings and try our best to hide away from sacrifice, because it is not your most popular message. We have moved away from sacrifice and instead have become a fearful and powerless church.

I want us to look at the following scripture:

John 12:23-24 “23 But Jesus answered them, saying, “The hour has come that the Son of Man should be glorified. 24 Most assuredly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat FALLS into the ground and DIES, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much grain.”

Sacrifice and dying to self is the missing ingredient in the church and the key to power! This KEY will take an unfruitful minister to a fruitful minister, a motivational preacher to a preacher preaching under an unction of power!

We need to get back to the readiness to die!  Failure to sacrifice results in powerless lives and churches.

The scripture says “unless a grain of wheat FALLS into the ground and DIES, it remains alone…” – This speaks of someone who is alone, who has no fruit. If there is no death there is no fruits!

This verse refers to THREE processes we must go through to have a successful and fruitful ministry:

1.) The Falling Process

2.) The Dying Process

3.) The Bearing Much Fruit Process


The falling process speaks of a season in persons life when they are hidden, out of the eye of public, rejected, refused, denied and pushed aside. These are only signs that you are in the process of God.

In my life isolation, rejection and separation has been a very real aspect from God to shape me. John the baptist was hidden until his time of manifestation. We must not be in a hurry less we fall into premature exposure.


When a seed falls to the ground is changes shape, completely decompose of itself and have radical change in its appearance and charcter.

When we die to ourselves, this is what happens, we are utterly changed, in our appearance, charcter and nature! People will not recognize you!

Jesus said that if we want to be His disciple we HAVE to DENY ourselves! This is a command, not an “if”, or a “maybe”.


Take nore that if we abide by the first two steps, then the promise will be to “bear much fruit”… It is impossible to bear much fruit without “FALLING” and “DYING”.

John 12:24 “…but if it dies, it produces much grain.”

This is the key to the power of God – dying to self!

Sacrifice always releases spiritual POWER!

May this be your portion this day!

His servant,



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