Your Identity of Divine Power

Dear friend,

Knowing our identity is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to walking in victory. In this video you will discover divine revelation regarding God’s original intent for you! You will see that God has made us to be “like Him” in His  image, in His likeness, meaning only one thing: Trouble for the devil!

Whenever the devil looks at you he sees the image and likeness of God! Hence the attacks, the persecutions, the trials et al.

I want to highly encourage you to watch this short clip below on HOW TO WALK IN YOUR IDENTITY OF POWER. It will revive your spirit and bring impartation!



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His Servant,

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  • Pamela Ewer

    Dear Leon, thank you SO much for this video! It’s such a GIFT to the Body of Christ, as are you dear Warrior. What a privilege to see the Lord moving and the Living Word demonstrated with the Fire of God and the Anointing. You are changing lives near and far. I’m grateful for this addition to the audio recordings. God bless you, your family and the team. I will be applying for a YouTube account and sharing these with my friends. Blessings and honor! Xx

    • leondupreez

      Bless you Pamela, thank you for all your support and encouragement from the other side of the world! Love u lots!

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